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UAE rolls out biojet plan for green fuel movement

A joint industry roadmap for the sustainable production of aviation biofuels in the United Arab Emirates has been rolled out and culminates in a 20 point action plan covering four development areas: feedstock supply; biorefinery; distribution and overall supply chain.

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Regulating drone technology

Everybody has seen them, in parks, at sporting events and even filming current events. Drones are becoming commonplace and have reached a maturity in their control where they can be sold as toys that don’t need an expert to fly

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Two former US special agents charged with stealing seized Bitcoin

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) alleges that Shaun Bridges stole more than $800,000 (£540,000) in Bitcoin. His colleague, Carl Force, has also been charged with money laundering and wire fraud. Best known for selling illegal drugs, Silk Road was

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