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European banking sector not yet adequately integrating environmental and social risks and opportunities into operations

Large European banks are not yet sufficiently aware of the business risks deriving from environmental and social developments, such as climate change, water scarcity or sustainable production, according to a KPMG survey conducted with the support of WWF. Ready or

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AIB creates €5m fund to invest in sustainable start-ups

AIB’s CEO Bernard Byrne has committed to a new €5m equity fund to assist start-up companies specialising in the sustainable technologies sector to address “a gap in the ecosystem here.” Byrne said the bank will work alongside the International Sustainability

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Pope’s climate talk a big step forward

Pope Francis called for collective action to stop climate change last week in his 184-page encyclical, which asserted that pursuing environmental sustainability is a moral imperative. World media outlets reported heavily on the document released Thursday, many saying the work represents

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Civilisation will collapse in 2040, apparently

Scientists predict a global catastrophe in the next 30 years if we don’t change our ways now — and Australia won’t be spared. With the world’s population set to hit nine billion by 2050, demands on the Earth to meet

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The Gambia’s external and fiscal sustainability are at a grave risk

A mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) led by Bhaswar Mukhopadhyay, visited Banjul from June 9-22, 2015 to conduct discussions for the 2015 Article IV consultations and to take stock of performance under the Staff Monitored Program (SMP) approved

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Organic farmers see green both in sustainability and profits

Organic farming is more profitable than conventional farming, according to a new report that analyzes dozens of studies. The analysis, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that the premium organic farmers can charge for their

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UAE rolls out biojet plan for green fuel movement

A joint industry roadmap for the sustainable production of aviation biofuels in the United Arab Emirates has been rolled out and culminates in a 20 point action plan covering four development areas: feedstock supply; biorefinery; distribution and overall supply chain.

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Unilever achieves zero waste to landfill

Unilever Ghana has achieved its stated goal of zero non-hazardous waste to landfill in its factory within four years after the launch of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. The great milestone in developing innovative solutions to eliminate waste was attained

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‘Unsustainable consumption, production threaten environment’

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Mushahidullah Khan, has said that unsustainable patterns of consumption and production are one of the pre-dominant causes of the persistent deterioration of the environment, which pose a grave risk to the sustainability of

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Does hearing about a company’s charitable donations raise your opinion of their products?

According to a new study in the Journal of #consumer Research, corporate social responsibility leads consumers to believe products are better quality. “Corporate social responsibility can lead consumers to believe that the products of companies engaged in socially responsible activities

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Governments and enterprises in breach of their legal obligations on climate change

Today a group of eminent jurists accuse governments and enterprises of being in clear and flagrant breach of their legal obligations on climate change – under human rights law, international law, environmental law, and tort law. Human ravaging of our

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