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Changing Course on Boardroom Composition

Trust is a basic element of a well-functioning board. Directors rely on the judgment, knowledge, and support of fellow board members. But boards today face an increasingly long list of challenges, from strategy to social business and cybersecurity, and the

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Regulatory burden weighs heavily on boards

Company directors have identified industrial relations laws, health and safety laws and red tape as the greatest regulatory challenges facing their organisations over the next year. In the Directions Report conducted by global law firm King & Wood Mallesons, 130

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Impact of Professors in the Boardroom: Why I have to be a professor!

A recent paper which seemingly is the first to focus entirely on the impact of academic directors on corporate governance and firm performance has come up with very interesting results. The paper titled “Professors in the Boardroom and their Impact

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Independent Directors: International best practices and the way forward

In the past couple of weeks, we have been discussing different issues pertaining to independent directorship. The importance of independent directors in modern companies is certainly not in doubt. Also clear is the fact that they are instrumental in the

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Ten Key Steps in Board Evaluation

Board evaluation is now more compelling as it is usually mandated by contemporary corporate governance codes. As anybody who has been involved in the process knows, it is usually a very challenging exercise. However, it must be done properly to

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Independent Directors: Are there any roles for them?

In continuation of our discussions on independent directors [see here, here and here], this article discusses the fundamental issue of the role of independent directors. The necessity of discussing the role of independent director is predicated on establishing the reason

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Companies and Allied Matters Act: The fate of alternate directors

There is a present uncertainty regarding the position of alternate directors in Nigerian company law. Before the coming into force of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Cap C20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 (CAMA), it was not

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Independent Directors: How many should be on a board?

In the past couple of weeks, we have been discussing the inadequacies in the provisions of the corporate governance codes presently in force in Nigeria as far as independent directorship is concerned [see here and here]. [sociallocker] Another issue that

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Establishing the independent status of an independent director

In an earlier post last week, it was contended that there are some inadequacies in the independent directorship practice in Nigeria which detract from the utility of having independent directors on boards. [See here] These adequacies of the provisions of

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Top Ten Issues for Review in the CBN’s Exposure Draft Corporate Governance Code

Certainly, it is about time the Code of Corporate Governance for Banks in Nigeria Post-Consolidation 2006 (2006 CBN Code) is revised. This call for the revision of the 2006 CBN Code is not new. [See here] In a few months’

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Eight Engaging Issues for Directors of Listed Companies in Nigeria in 2013

The year 2013 has taken off on full blast. As directors begin to take stock of the outings of their companies in 2012, with a view to improving on their 2012 performance in 2013, it is appropriate to consider those

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Independent Directors in Nigeria: Myth or Reality?

Independent directors have gained much traction in the corporate governance scene of developed countries. This category of directors, who are not specifically provided for in company statutes, has emerged as the bedrock of sound corporate governance entrenchment in companies. This

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