Saudi Aramco launches ‘Umrah for the disabled’ program

Saudi Aramco has given new meaning to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by introducing an initiative for people of special needs.

Called “Umrah for the Disabled — A Lifetime Experience,” the program reaffirms the company’s commitment to CSR.

The initiative was launched on Tuesday at Abdul Latif Center for Rehabilitation which aims to take people with special needs to perform Umrah during Ramadan in cooperation with Myesra Transportation Company.

Abdullah Al-Isa, Saudi Aramco government affairs manager for the Western Region, said Saudi Aramco is proud to be able to provide such services as social responsibility is in the realm of their business.

He said that social responsibility programs are a national duty and not a burden on institutions or companies that carry them out; the goal of the program is to provide facilities for disabled people to perform their religious duty, especially during holy month of Ramadan.

“Saudi Aramco is proud that the concept of social responsibility is not a new phenomenon in the realm of our business,” he said. “It is deeply embedded within the values of the company and is reflected in the value of citizenship. We are keen to be an active partner in any serious effort for development and provision of social services to the community.”

Khaled Al-Sanie, public relations manager for the Western Region, said: “This is a joint effort in cooperation with the rehab center and Myesra Transportation Company. Through this initiative, we are planning to take about 50 people to perform Umrah,” he said.

Nasahat Ahmed Alaf, the founder of the Myesra, said that Myesra is the first in transportation services for the elderly and disabled people in the Kingdom. “Our mission is to improve and serve our community by providing specialized means of transportation for the elderly, physically challenged, patients with kidney failure, and those who use wheelchairs,” added Alaf.


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