Leading lawyer Ted Cruz enters race for White House

Former University of Texas law professor and Texas Solicitor General, Ted Cruz, is to seek the Republican presidential nomination and will be able to draw on Washington DC contacts gained from working at leading lobbying firm Cooper & Kirk.

Mr Cruz tweeted his intention last night and will formally announce it in Virginia today. Princeton and Harvard Law School educated, he is known as a strong orator and seen as a firebrand. At Cooper & Kirk, he worked on impeachment proceedings against President Clinton and also advised the National Rifle Association.

Contest with patent specialist?

If he wins the nomination, he would be the first Hispanice candidate for the presidency. But, as a lawyer, he would be dealing with other lawyers. He would be expected to face Yale Law School graduate and patent specialist at the Arkansas-based Rose Law Firm Hillary Clinton – who is expected to announce her candidacy for the Democratic nomination soon.


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