Frequently Asked Questions on Independent Directors

In modern times, independent directors seem to hold all the aces as far as the institutionalisation of the tenets of good corporate governance in companies is concerned. The increasing prominence given to independent directors in contemporary corporate governance codes bears credence to this fact. In addition, some of these codes now require a majority of members of the board of directors to be independent directors.

The rate of development of independent directors in different jurisdictions has not been uniform. In fact, at some point in time, independent directors were confused for non-executive directors. This matter seems to be resolved now as it is clear that whereas every independent directors is a non-executive director, not every non-executive director is an independent director.

In the course of time, several questions have been asked by board members, businesspeople, corporate governance mavens, scholars, and even regulators regarding independent directors. The significance of addressing these questions cannot be over-emphasised.

The Independent Directors: 111 Frequently Asked Questions Aptly Answered considers all of these questions usually posed regarding independent directors in easy and quick to read format. It answers these questions in a manner that boardroom players and other stakeholders will find appealing; devoid of legal mumbo-jumbo. It is an interesting read.

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