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Kindle Book on Independent Directors now available for free download at Amazon

In a recent article, it was indicated that plans are being concluded to make the Kindle book titled, Independent Directors: 111 Frequently Asked Questions Aptly Answered, available for FREE download at the Amazon website. This arrangement has been concluded and

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Is Insider Trading Really a Crime?

“Yes, of course,” might be your response to the question above. That response is correct in view of the provisions against insider trading in the statute books of numerous jurisdictions such as Nigeria, United States of America and the United

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Fiduciary Relationship and Contract of Sale

This article explains whether or not there is a fiduciary relationship between the parties in a contract of sale: the seller and the buyer. We will see that in contract of sale of goods, goods are the subject matter, and

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Using the 10-Ps to Distinguish a Hire-Purchase Transaction from a Sale

As individuals, we embark on numerous commercial transactions of distinct nature daily. One of such transactions is the hire-purchase transaction. A hire-purchase transaction is one under which an owner of goods lets his goods out on hire to another person

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Conditions Necessary for a Valid Ratification of the Acts of an Agent

An agency relationship has a tripartite structure. It involves the principal, the agent and a third party. The agent acts on behalf of the principal in relation to the third party. Consequently, an agent is said to be a conduit

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Law of Agency: Scope of an Agent’s Authority

No doubt the proliferation and expansion of businesses today have had a positive impact on the business relationships of the principal, agent and third parties. As a result of advancement in technology and communication, an individual can have businesses of

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Rules as to Delivery in a Contract of Sale of Goods

In another article, the different dimensions of performance of sale of goods contract was discussed [see here]. One aspect of performance of a sale of goods contract is the delivery of the goods by the seller to the buyer. The

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Performance of Sale of Goods Contract

When goods are sold, a sale of goods contract is created. Within that contract, different duties are imposed on the parties to it (that is, the seller and the buyer). If any of the parties fails to carry out his

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Commercial Law: Distinguishing property from possession

As legal practitioners, law students and even normal everyday people in different professions and spheres of life, we have always heard the cliché in law that “possession is 9/10 of ownership”. However, this has created a kind of confusion in

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Agency Relationship involving a Foreign Principal, a Local Agent and a Third Party

It is challenging to clearly understand agency relationships where the principal is in a foreign jurisdiction but having a local agent who contracts on his behalf with third parties. This occasions some exceptional situation in the agency relationship. Law of

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Commercial Transactions and Fiduciary Relationships

Generally, in commercial transactions, there is no duty on contracting parties to disclose all material facts which will likely influence the other party in coming to a decision regarding the transaction so that the parties to the contract may be

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Hire-Purchase Transaction Taking a Triangular Form

[easyazon_block add_to_cart=”yes” align=”left” asin=”1112044760″ cloaking=”default” layout=”left” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”thecorpro-20″]The Law Relating to the Hire-Purchase System : With An Appendix of Forms[/easyazon_block]The term “hire-purchase” relates to two different transactions rolled up into one: a hire and a purchase. It

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