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About The Corporate Prof. website!

As the old cliché goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention!” The conception of The Corporate Prof. website is predicated on necessity. In the first place, during the doctoral research efforts of the originator of the website, it was obvious that getting up-to-date information on legal, corporate governance and business developments concerning Nigeria was a herculean task. This was even more daunting if such updates are required online.

Secondly, the originator of The Corporate Prof. receives numerous inquiries from students, scholars and consultants all over the world on the focus areas of the website from time to time. Some of them either as follow up to articles on such issues which have been widely published in peer-review journals in different continents, or because of their own frustrations in aggregating relevant materials on such issues. This website is intended to help students, scholars and other professional in their efforts at keeping abreast of developments on relevant subjects. It would also afford them the opportunity of sharing their views on those issues with other users of the website.

Thirdly, the website is intended to serve as a veritable playground for people to obtain news and share their views on matters relating to the website’s focus areas. In that wise, if there are relevant materials you wish to bring to users’ attention, please let us know. Every user is strongly encouraged to comment on posts published on the website. This supports the intention of keeping the website interactive. However, to be able to comment on posts published on the website, such users would be required to be registered. Of course, the registration process is simple and there is no cost involved. Registration is FREE.

It is intended that user-experience at The Corporate Prof. shall be awesome. Thus, hopefully it would be a place to obtain and share information on Corporate Governance, Law and Business; of course, and other incidental matters.

Users of the website are strongly encouraged to share their views in a polite manner on issues being discussed. In such intellectual engagement, there would be no reason whatsoever to be involved in personal attacks, hate speeches or abusive utterances. Please peruse the Terms of Use Agreement for further information on what is, and what is not, permissible here. It is expected that users of the website shall keep the environment warm and friendly while addressing issues from all ramifications with a view to add value.

Should you have any feedback for us on how to improve the website or wish to suggest areas that should be discussed, kindly do so using the Contact Form available on the Contact Us page. Join us in ensuring that every user of The Corporate Prof. gets a well-deserved awesome experience. Together we can make everybody benefit from the website. Let’s commit to that today!

Wishing all users of The Corporate Prof. website a wonderful experience!

The Corporate Prof. Team