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Should animals have the same rights as humans?

A New York court will resume hearing a case this week about the possible illegal detention of two chimps at a university lab. Lawyers acting for the chimps, Leo and Hercules, want them to be moved to an animal sanctuary.

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Getting to grips with corporate contracts

The corporate contractual process is failing. Epically. And that’s a big problem. Despite the swarms of people and astonishingly high spend devoted to this category, contract life-cycle management in most companies is a low-tech, disorganised process fragmented across numerous legal

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Lawyers turn to helpline for Ethi-Call dilemmas

Ethi-Call, a free and anonymous counselling service for professionals, is welcoming calls from lawyers facing ethical quandaries at work. Elisabeth Shaw, a psychologist who runs Ethi-Call, told Lawyers Weekly many lawyers find that their codes of practice do not adequately address

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