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Amazon to Power Data Centers With Renewable Energy

For years, Amazon has received criticism of its environmental policies. In 2012, an article published in the Guardian pointed out that Amazon hadn’t published a sustainability report. Try looking for one on Amazon’s website, and you still can’t find it. However,

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Can We 3D Print our Way to Sustainability?

Someday soon, home may be where the recycling happens. If Dr. Joshua Pearce has his way, that is. Pearce has spent his career investigating how technology can address the pressing global issues of sustainability and poverty. Last year, he and

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​Indian firms need to broaden corporate responsibility vision: Report

Indian companies need to move from corporate social responsibility by adopting a broader vision of corporate responsibility​. This can be done by combining commercial, social and environmental goals ​while improving competitiveness, says a report by global consultancy major Accenture and

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ADB lends $20m to Pakistan for corporate governance, privatisation programme

The Asian Development Bank will provide $20 million in loans to help Pakistan improve corporate governance, technical capacity and regulatory framework of the country’s privatization program, the bank said on Tuesday. ”The project will finance management, and financial consulting services

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5 Ways to Make Sustainability Reporting More Sustainable

Is sustainability reporting sustainable? There are some that think it is. The practice is now more widespread than ever before, and legislation in different parts of the world is supporting increased non-financial disclosure. This would indicate that reporting is here to

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Sustainability Ranking for Large Companies Announced at World Economic Forum

Framing the perfectly sustainable company has always been a challenge, but never one that Toronto-based Corporate Knights has shied away from. The well-known media and financial products company released its eighth annual tally of the top 100 multi-billion-dollar companies this

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The impact of corporate social responsibility on organisational stability

Corporate social responsibility is the concept that a business needs to be concerned with more than just profit. Protecting the environment is one aspect of social responsibility; another is making an effort to address social problems such as poverty and

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Why We Sacked Former Excutive Management, By UnityKapital Assurance

The Chairman of UnityKapital Assurance Plc, Henry James Semenitari, has given reasons why the company sacked former Managing Director , Kins Ekebuike and John Abu Oyidih , erstwhile Executive Director , Finance and Administration. In a statement endorsed by the

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Malaysian company rules hailed

Malaysia’s laws on corporate governance fare far better than generally perceived, according to a report by Icliff Leadership and Governance Centre, an international centre of excellence. Associate professor Chris Bennet, who co-wrote the report, said: “There is an external perception

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Frequently Asked Questions on Independent Directors

In modern times, independent directors seem to hold all the aces as far as the institutionalisation of the tenets of good corporate governance in companies is concerned. The increasing prominence given to independent directors in contemporary corporate governance codes bears

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Practise what you preach – especially if you’re working for a regulator

It’s an old saying, but you really must practise what you preach. And this is especially important when you work for a regulator of any sort. Having taken up the position of deputy chairman at Quindell this month, Jim Sutcliffe

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Refreshment is new boardroom buzzword

Until recently, the discussion around corporate governance centered largely on board diversity. This appeared to refer mostly to gender balance, although analysts were always careful to say it also referred to ethnic mix and appropriate skillsets. The argument has moved

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